Bristol 2 Beijing: 5k Your Way

27 September 2021

Luke Grenfell-Shaw of Bristol2Beijing is back in the UK taking a break from his tandem journey after one year on the road and recently having made it across much of Tajikistan. Read more about the latest leg of Luke’s journey and why he has decided to press pause for a short time here.

Luke readying himself at the start line

Despite taking a break from his journey, Luke isn’t letting himself rest too much! Just last weekend on 25 September he took part in 5k Your Way’s “Nonsuch parkrun” alongside an incredible 630 other participants who either ran or walked the route.

Among the participants were those invited by Luke: a group of CanLivers as well as representatives from the seven different charities which Luke has raised money for along his route, and a representative from BEARR, trustee Janet Gunn, joined the runners for a coffee at the end. It was a great opportunity for different organisations and individuals interested in healthcare to meet and Luke said of the event:

“Seeing all the connections being made and ideas flying around has begun to get me excited for restarting my journey!”

Luke and BEARR trustee Janet Gunn

We’re looking forward to seeing Luke’s next steps!

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