Project report: Legal Analysis and Research Public Union, Azerbaijan

Grantee: Legal Analysis and Research Public Union, Azerbaijan 
Project: Pro-bono legal support to migrant workers

We collaborated closely with the CSO “Eurasian Migration Initiatives Platform”. Their experts and members were actively involved in the promotion of migrants’ labour rights among the local offices of the organisation through the pamphlets they published. The Chairman of the CSO, Azer Allahveranov, was involved as an expert in the project and consolidated the efforts of other members of the Public Council within the State Migration Service. 

As a result of the project, 50 representatives of CSOs and youth organisations benefited from two Capacity Building workshops on labour migration issues. Around 100 people in need (28 through direct consultancies and 62 through dissemination of pamphlets) got free legal advice. 

Here is a short description of one of the cases related to citizens of Ukraine:

K.N.I, as a result of the war in Ukraine, found out that in order to receive social benefits for her minor children, she needed a certificate from the Republic of Azerbaijan that her ex-husband had been convicted in Azerbaijan and that she did not receive any alimony from him. She applied for legal assistance to the project lawyer, Aghamirza Baghirov. Free legal assistance was given to the applicant based on a power of attorney provided by her. Thus, an application was written on her behalf to the Baku Court of Grave Crimes and information was received about the conviction of her ex-husband. Also, an application was sent to the Executive Department on behalf of the applicant about the non-payment of alimony by her ex-husband and a certificate was received from the Executive Department. All the relevant documents were notarised and sent to the applicant’s residence in Ukraine by means of notarised mail. Based on the documents provided, the applicant’s legal problem was solved in her home country.  


On 17 December 2023 a Capacity Building workshop dedicated to the 18 December International Migrants’ Day was conducted at the Baku Youth Center for 30 participants – representatives of youth CSOs in Azerbaijan. The topic was the potential human trafficking risks for labour migrants.  The participants talked about the need for language courses and intercultural exchange programmes for foreigners, and the prompt supply of useful career information for the target groups of migrants. In particular, it was noted that it is important to provide legal assistance to people from migrant groups, to increase access to services within the borders of the country, and to implement necessary measures in other areas. 

Publication of pamphlets 

During the project implementation 1000 pamphlets with information on the rights and duties of labour migrants were published and disseminated among CSOs, youth organisations, and people in need of free legal advises.  

The success of the project was due to the active involvement of CSO representatives and members of the Public Council of the State Migration Service. Through this collaboration, the majority of the legal aid cases were successfully resolved within the consultation process by lawyers with the Public Council. Public Council member CSOs were also actively involved in the Capacity Building workshops as well as dissemination of the pamphlets, together with oral explanations of the migrants’ rights and duties.  

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Address: Baku, AHB Business Center, Zardabi str. 78b, 3rd floor, #307
Telephone: +994 503921331

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Ramil Iskandarli, Chairman

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