Current Aims & Action Plan

The BEARR Trust’s Objectives 2021-2025
Global challenges and new ways of working with civil society

The challenges and opportunities for grassroots CSOs focusing on health and social welfare

  • The consequences of climate change, including the mass displacement of people, will create health and social welfare challenges.
  • Covid-19 will exacerbate existing inequalities regarding health and social welfare.
  • Public and governments’ expectations of CSOs to step up support to vulnerable communities will increase, mostly at a local level.
  • Service-providing CSOs will have difficulties in reaching out to vulnerable beneficiaries in a safe manner.
  • With reduced face-to-face contacts, CSOs will need to find new ways of networking and campaigning effectively.
  • Financial sustainability will continue to be an important challenge.
  • Public awareness of health and social welfare challenges – and public engagement and generosity – have increased.
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How BEARR can support grassroots CSOs and people living with disadvantage

  • Continue to raise awareness of health and social welfare issues facing vulnerable groups and those CSOs supporting them in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  • Support CSOs to obtain relevant tools and equipment to provide services safely
  • Help CSOs to develop digital skills and to adopt new technologies for networking, campaigning and fundraising
  • Support our existing network of CSOs to collaborate more effectively, creating hubs in different countries as platforms for learning and developing local leadership
  • Continue to provide small grants directly to grassroots organisations and work with partners to support civil society in other ways

What BEARR will do to enhance its own capacity to support health and social care CSOs

  1. Ensure stable multi-year financing from multiple sources, including foundations, companies, academic collaboration and individuals (the Friends Scheme).
  2. Enhance volunteering by providing interesting and rewarding opportunities for people with experience, academics, students and young people to volunteer time and skills.
  3. Evaluate, share lessons learnt and ensure sustainability of its flagship Small Grants Scheme: assess its achievements since 2007 and share best practices, including on monitoring and evaluation, with other practitioners and academics; identify opportunities for follow-up funding.
  4. Enhance partnerships with academic experts in order to position and leverage BEARR as a useful information and best practice resource.
  5. Ensure that BEARR’s information technology, website and social media presence provide transparent and inspiring descriptions of how we promote better health and social welfare.

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