The BEARR Trust Small Grants Scheme 2015

 Grants were offered as follows:

Section A:  For projects dealing with psychological support for people displaced by the conflict in Ukraine (IDPs).

Odesa Mediation Group, with Friends’ House, Moscow, for an Alternatives to Violence project involving training workshops in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Odesa and the encouragement of self-help groups.

Pomogaem, Dnipropetrovsk, with other local organisations, for a project to improve the quality of psychological and social assistance to IDPs and victims of hostilities, especially traumatised children and their relatives.

Kyiv Educational Centre “Tolerspace”, with the Children’s Psychotherapy Project of Kyiv Gestalt University, for a project to facilitate the inclusion of IDP teenagers by providing qualified psychotherapeutic counseling and training for peer-mediators.

Donetsk Youth Debate Centre, with Donetsk Press Club, for a project to train school psychologists to provide psychological care in the Zaporizhya and Donetsk regions, where most IDPs are concentrated.

Centre for Social and Psychological Assistance “Resource”,  Zaporizhya, for a project to extend their existing psychological crisis service, involving therapists and volunteers, to IDPs in the region, focussing on the elderly and disabled.

 BICE International, with the Women’s Consortium of Ukraine and Catholic University of Milan, for a project to strengthen professionals’ capacities to provide appropriate psychological support to displaced children

Section B:  For projects to support victims of domestic violence in Central Asian countries.

Positive Dialogue, Kyrgyzstan, with local women’s and human rights organisations, for a project to sensitize local courts to the issues of women’s rights and gender stereotyping, to train them to work with the male community to encourage peaceful conflict resolution, and to offer free legal advice to victims of domestic violence..

INTRAC, Kyrgyzstan, with the National Association of Crisis Centres, for a project to improve the capacity and resources to support to victims of domestic violence  by providing new resources for social work staff working in shelters belonging to the Association, eg training manuals and guides, with a set-up workshop for a pilot scheme and a workshop to review results.

 Najoti Kudokan, Tajikistan, for a project to assist girls and young women in rural areas through a resource centre, crisis centre and shelter, and especially through the establishment of a network of self-help groups.

 Kazakhstan Foundation for Cultural, Social and Educational Development, with the Family Institute of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, for a project called Be Aware, Be Safe! This will involve seminars for girls of 16-18 from rural public technical schools, to increase domestic violence awareness and educate them on their rights, conjugal dynamics and conflict resolution.

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