2017 Presidential Grants for NGOs contest now open

2017’s first presidential grant contest for NGOs has begun
Applications will be accepted until 31 May and should be submitted electronically via the presidentialgrants.rf website.
NGOs carrying out projects in the following 12 spheres are eligible to participate:

Social services, social support and the protection of citizens

Healthcare and promotion of healthy living

Support for families, parents and children

Supporting youth projects

Supporting science and education

Supporting culture and arts projects

Preserving historical memory

Human rights and freedoms, including the rights of prisoners

Environmental protection and animal rights

Strengthening intercultural and interfaith relations

Developing public diplomacy and supporting compatriots

Developing civil society institutions
NGOs registered at least a year prior to the submission deadline are invited to submit applications. Organisations requesting grants of up to 500,000 roubles should have registered no later than six months before the application closing date. An NGO’s areas of work should correspond to the types of activities outlined above, the organisation should not be in liquidation and should have no debts owing to taxes or other mandatory payments.
In 2017 two grant contests will be held. The second will begin on 16 August, with applications to participate being accepted until 29 September. Grants will be distributed by the Presidential Grant Fund for the Development of Civil Society and a coordinating committee.
One of the tasks of the coordinating committee is to establish an expert council which will determine the winners. In particular, the heads of the largest charities will be invited to join the council, reports Vedomosti. In addition, academics, patrons of cultural projects and famous public figures will participate. The work of the council will begin on 31 May.

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