3 billion roubles for ‘socially significant projects’ in 2014

Head of state allocated 3 billion roubles towards NGOs’ ‘socially significant projectsin 2014

20.01.2014 RF


A directive to this effect appeared on 17 January 2014 on the president’s website. The allocated funds will be used towards two competitions for Russia’s third sector.

Seven chosen organisations will, between them, receive 2.7 billion roubles ‘to organise competitions and allocate funds to the winning non-commercial non-government organisations implementing socially significant projects and projects to protect citizens’ rights and liberties’.

‘Grazhdanskoye Dostoinstvo’ (Citizen’s Integrity), a national public movement will receive 500 million roubles, the ‘National Charity Fund’ will receive 474 million roubles, the national public organisation ‘Znanie’ (Russia’s Society) will receive 400 million roubles, regional public organisation ‘Institute for Civil Society Issues’  – 235 million roubles, the national public organisation ‘Russia’s Youth Union’ will receive 340 million roubles, the national public organisation ‘ Nation’s Health League’ – 474 million roubles, and the non-commercial fund ‘Institute for socio-economic and political research’  – 275 million roubles.

’Grazhdanskoye Dostoinstvo’ will allocate the monies towards human rights projects. In 2013 as overseas financing of NGOs was being stopped, partly due to the enforcement of the ‘foreign agents’ law, the head of state allocated 200 million roubles to support human rights organisations. The biggest grant awarded by ‘Grazhdanskoye Dostoinstvo’ was given to the GOLOS Association.

The seven organisations are tasked with setting up competition panels to review grant applications and providing media coverage of the competitions together with the Russian Civic Chamber. The first competition will take place before 1 July 2014, the second before 3 November 2014.


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