392 applicants for ‘Perspective’ grants

392 projects seek presidential grants from the ‘Perspective’ foundation


Applications from 77 regions of the country were received as part of the second ‘Perspective’ presidential fund contest for non-commercial organisations.

The “Perspective” foundation, which supports civil activity in small towns and rural areas, will choose the winners of the second presidential grant contest for non-commercial organisations from the 392 projects, according to the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation. In total, 453 applications were received for the second competition. “And what is important: 86% of the applications are from the regions. The number of applications from the Crimean Federal District has increased by 50%. The Irkutsk and Novogorod districts and Kabardino-Balkaria, which did not participate in the first contest, actively came forward in the second competition, said the General Director of the ‘Perspective’ foundation, Aleksandr Svinin. ‘Perspective’ will announce the winners of the second contest on 15 August 2016.

The largest number of applications (213) came from the area of ‘Implementing socially significant projects aimed at the development of civil society institutes in small towns and rural areas’ with the minimum amount requested as 60,000 roubles. “Such projects are the focus of the ‘Perspective’ foundation as they solve a specific problem of a particular territory. From April to July, we carried out more than 20 presentations for NGOs in the regions and more than 2,000 consultations for NGOs in rural areas and small towns. We are going to continue this work until the end of the year in order to provide equal access to the presidential grants for all NGOs, working in rural areas or in small towns,” said Svinin.

Earlier, the Civic Chamber announced the start of the contest for the presidential grants. In 2016, there will be four contests. The President ordered that the federal budget of 4,589,914.80 roubles be split between non-commercial organisations carrying out socially significant projects and projects within the sphere of the protection of rights and the freedom of citizens. All grant operators must develop a procedure for evaluating the social impact derived from the implementation of the projects supported.

Author: Grigory Ivanushkin



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