43% of young Russians are ready to volunteer in their city

43% of young people are ready to volunteer in their city


The National Agency for Financial Research (NAFI) surveyed thousands of people aged 14-35.




33% of young people aged 14-35 have volunteered in the last year. Moreover, 67% said they wanted to become volunteers at an event if the topic and conditions suited them.


Every fourth young person (24%) is likely to respond immediately to a volunteer recruitment initiative in their city. Every second young person (43%) will decide after learning more about the kind of volunteer work and conditions from the organisers. Every fourth person (26%) is prepared to go to another region to volunteer. Every second person (48%) is prepared to volunteer in their city.


Young people are most interested in:

  • Helping animals in shelters and nature reserves (33%)
  • Solving environmental problems (25%)
  • Helping refugees, parentless children, people without housing, or low-income families (22%)
  • Organising exhibitions and excursions, or preserving heritage (20%)
  • Organising sports festivals and marathons (18%)


Source: https://www.asi.org.ru/news/2022/07/22/sredi-molodezhi-kazhdyj-vtoroj-gotov-zanimatsya-volonterstvom-v-svoem-gorode/


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