76% of Russians believe that foster parents need more support

76% of Russians believe that foster parents need more support




The All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre has conducted a pro bono study on behalf of the Volunteers for Help to Orphans Foundation on how foster parenting is perceived in the country. The research involved 1,600 people from different regions.


63% of respondents believe that a foster child is more difficult to raise than a blood child. 76% are of the view that adoptive parents need the support of others. However, 51% feel that foster parents do not require any special training.


69% say that in most cases, children in orphanages are less prepared for life in the community than those in foster care. 56% did not agree that the majority of children in orphanages have a poor family history.


60% disagree that children with disabilities are better off in institutions. However, 27% of respondents support the view that such children are better off in an orphanage with professional medical care and support than in the family.


Source: https://www.asi.org.ru/news/2022/05/20/76-rossiyan-schitayut-chto-priemnye-roditeli-nuzhdayutsya-v-podderzhke-okruzhayushhih/

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