84 percent of Russian social entrepreneurs are feeling the effects of the current crisis

Our Future: 84 percent of social entrepreneurs are feeling the effects of the current crisis

In April 2022 Our Future Foundation for Regional Social Programmes surveyed 518 social entrepreneurs across 61 Russian regions.


The survey showed that almost half of respondents (41 percent) had made use of or planned to make use of subsidised loans.  The majority of respondents (84 percent) said that they had felt the impact of the new economic situation on their business.  Around 60 percent had decided to seek new channels to promote their goods and services.

Over a third of those surveyed are seeking investment and affordable loans, and almost the same number are urgently working on new marketing initiatives such as discounts, payment by instalments and bonus programmes, reports TASS.

However, around 30 percent of respondents said they did not have enough information about the support measures available to them.  Over 80 percent of the social entrepreneurs expressed the hope that business development grants would become the most common form of support in the future.  Over half of those asked are hoping to get support to promote their products and services and various rebates for expenses, in particular for salaries.  A third of respondents said that they needed up-to-date training programmes.


Source: https://www.asi.org.ru/news/2022/05/11/nashe-budushee-opros/


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