89% of Russians support introduction of law to combat domestic violence

89% of Russians support the introduction of a law to combat domestic violence, says a survey




Article published on the ASI website


A team of specialists with experience in socio-political and marketing research from the consultancy Russian Field, together with the New People Party, has conducted a survey to find out what the public thinks about the idea of a new law to combat domestic violence in Russia. It was conducted by telephone from 23 May to 2 June and involved 1,617 respondents.


89% supported the suggestion, six per cent were not in favour, another four per cent had difficulty answering the question, while one per cent gave a different response, for which the survey options were either “one already exists” or “it depends on the context”.


The law was supported by nearly all women surveyed – 95% and slightly lower among men – 83%. When it comes to age, the percentage of those who support the introduction of such a law is practically the same in all age groups. For example, 88% in the 45-59 age group and 92% in the 18-29 year range. Those over 30 were more likely to oppose the law, i.e. in the 30-44 and 54-59 age brackets. In these groups, seven per cent each were against the law, with the least number of those against – three per cent – between 18 and 29 years of age.


The respondents were also asked if they or a friend of theirs had been in a situation where one family member has been physically aggressive towards another. 20% said they had. Another 34% said this had happened to their friends, with 52% saying that neither they nor their friends had ever experienced such abuse.


According to the survey, women are more likely than men to have had personal experience of domestic violence, 23% versus 16%. The same was said by respondents whose friends’ families had suffered abuse – 39% female victims, compared to 29% male victims.


24% of young people from 18 to 29 years of age have most often experienced violence personally, with 45% of respondents saying that this had also happened to their friends. In other age categories, one in five of those surveyed have had first-hand experience of domestic violence.


Source: https://asi.org.ru/news/2024/06/13/89-chelovek-podderzhali-poyavlenie-v-rossii-zakona-o-domashnem-nasilii-opros/?utm_order_number=1



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