Assistance for migrants from Ukraine in Russia

Migrants from Ukraine who have moved in with friends and relatives in Russia can receive humanitarian aid


The Russian Red Cross (RRC) provides humanitarian aid and advises displaced persons in 32 regions of the country.


10 March 2022


The RRC notes that it provides aid not only to displaced persons in temporary accommodation but also to those living with friends and relatives.


You can get food, clothes and hygiene products for adults and children as well as free advice on migration legislation.


Useful contacts and helplines


Toll-free hotline to help reunite displaced families: 8 800 700 33 50, open daily from 09:00 – 21:00 Moscow time.

Psychological first aid hotline: 8 800 250 18 59

Public reception line for migration: 8 800 600 73 72.


How you can help displaced persons


Bring clothes and groceries. All humanitarian aid items must be new, in unopened packaging, with labels or packed separately if you have multiple items. Long-life food must have a valid expiration date. A list of needed items is here.


Donate money. The RRC has opened an account to collect donations. An expenditure report will be published on their website every month. Over 27 million roubles have already been raised. This money will be spent on the arrangement of playrooms in temporary accommodation, the purchase of children’s pushchairs, air circulators, and vouchers to pharmacies and supermarkets.




Translated by Ysabelle Smith


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