Bidding opens for Presidential Grants

The second round of bidding for the Presidential Grants Foundation 2020 opens


Applications will be accepted up to 31 March.

Before submitting your application to the Foundation, you are advised to read all the details of the bidding process, including instructions on how to fill out the forms as well as the recommended methods for calculating the project costs – инструкцией по заполнению заявки , методическими рекомендациями по разработке бюджета проекта and объявлением о проведении конкурсов

Before submitting your application you can use the practice template (шаблоне).  It is available for use before the tender opens and before hard copy applications can be submitted.  A detailed plan of action is available on the Foundation’s website.

On 21 February the Presidential Grants Foundation released the results of its first tender for 2020.  In total 2017 projects from NGOs across the country were accepted.  The former General Director of the Foundation, Ilya Chukalin, announced that the Foundation will be able to co-finance regional grants to support 30-70% of NGO projects.


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