Bids invited for all-Russian competition for NGO Annual Reports.

Applications have opened for Starting Point, the all-Russian competition for Annual NGO reports


Applications have opened for Starting Point, the 11th all-Russian competition for Annual NGO reports.

The competition accepts organisations’ annual reports for 2019 that meet the basic transparency standard: the reports must contain at least a base level of information about the organisation, its management, team, performance, key financial results, and contacts.

The experts’ assessment will begin in October. In 2020, the number of jury members has doubled and there are now 50 experts. Among them are Vyacheslav Bakhmin, Igor Sobolev, Tatyana Evlampieva, Maria Morozova, Elena Topoleva-Soldunova and Natalia Kaminarskaya. Each NGO report is evaluated by at least two experts.

In addition to the general competition, in which organisations will be awarded “gold”, “silver”, “bronze” and “basic” reporting standards, ten other categories will be announced in 2020.

  • The Ministry of Economic Development will award the best reports produced by small organisations located outside major cities, with a budget up to 1 million roubles.
  • The Presidential Grants Fund will note the reports of organisations that actively work with different types of donors and partners, ensuring their resource-stability. As of 2018, only the presence of an annual report on their own website allows an NGO applying for a presidential grant to get the highest (9 or 10 out of 10) score on the “Information openness” criteria.
  • The Agency for Social Information will select the annual report with the best content.
  • The Blagosphere Centre will determine which report best explains the work of the NGO to its local residents.
  • 2020 in the donor community is dedicated to the role of charity in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The 2020 competition is the first time the reports of NGOs actively involved in the Sustainable Development agenda will be awarded. This category was established by the Global Compact Network Russia.
  • Additional nominations were also announced by the Association of Specialists in Valuation of Programmes and Policies, D-Group.Social, Добро, Association Charity Group All Together and Donors’ Forum.

The competition is designed to increase public, government, business and media confidence in NGOs through developing a culture of transparency. You can get detailed information and apply on the Donors’ Forum website.

Applications will close at the end of September. The results will be announced, and the winners receive their awards in December.

The Donors’ Forum is running this competition in partnership with the Agency for Social Information and the Blagosphere Centre, with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development and the Presidential Grants Fund.


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