Bill on public-private partnerships

Public-Private Sector Partnership Bill, drafted by the ministry for economic
development, goes to the federal government for consideration this month. This
was stated at hearings on the subject held in the public chamber on public
health services and social welfare by the head of the ministry’s department
dealing with investment policy and the development of the above partnerships,
Maria Yarmalchuk.


the course of discussion, representatives of the state authorities and the
business community noted that the most widespread instances of such
partnerships related to constructing transport, housing and communal services,
and energy infrastructures. However, the contribution being made in the areas of
social welfare and health services was seen as being noticeably slight. Maria
Yarmalchuk said that this was because of the much greater risks involved.
According to the ministry there were 58 projects relating to health services in
the regions. However, she emphasised that the absence of a federal law
governing partnerships complicated the development of public-private
co-operation there. Maria Yarmalchuk went on to stress that it was in the
regions that the main potential and authoritative basis for development of the
institution in relation to health services had been established.

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