Book on financing of social projects published in Moscow

A book on the financing of social projects published in Moscow


Moscow, 22.09.2016


Professor Lester Salamon, with help from the “Our future” charity, has published a book on NGO financing which studies new opportunities for supporting charitable and social entrepreneur projects.


Salamon’s book “Financial Leverage: New Horizons for Philanthropy and Social Investment” discusses trends in social impacts of funding and describes changes in approaches to global NGO support that involve the use not only of grants but also other financial instruments such as interest-free loans, bonds and loan guarantees.


Salamon has published several books on contemporary instruments for funding social projects including “New Forms of Philanthropy: A Guide to the New Tools and New Actors that are Shaping Global Philanthropy and Social Investment” and “Leverage for the good”. Since 2014, Salamon has been working at the NGO research laboratory at the “Higher School of Economics”. His book has been published in Russian with the support of the regional social programme charity “Our future” which promotes social entrepreneurship and is available in bookshops and via online retailers.


“This book contains information on the latest mechanisms for the funding of NGOs, charity and social investments which will be developed and applied and so give impetus to the work of the NGO and social entrepreneurship sectors”, said Natalya Zvereva, Director of the “Our future” charity.


The charity also plans to publish the Professor’s main works over the next 3-4 years. A catalogue “Social Entrepreneurship in Russia”; a book by Craig Darden-Phillips entitled “Your Chance to Change the World”; work by two lecturers, Jill Kickul and Thomas Lyons, on social entrepreneurship, and a collection of “International experience of supporting social entrepreneurship: Documents and case studies from the Republic of Korea” and other works have already been published with support from “Our future”.


Author: Olga Vorobeva




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