British Embassy in Moscow to undertake Social Projects

Representatives of the British Embassy have given a presentation of two projects – “Tolerance and Diversity” and “Women’s Academy of Future Leaders” at the Central House of Entrepreneurs.

The first project is aimed at developing social diplomacy and will include theatre workshops with the participation of the British theatre company Arc Theatre for Change.  The programme will include a seminar for teachers on the development of tolerance and cultural differences based on theatre techniques.  Teachers and students from schools and universities will participate with specialists from the theatre and there will be performances and brochures published on these topics. This initiative is a continuation of “The Route to Tolerance, the Experience of Great Britain and Russia”, the project undertaken last year by the embassy, in which students, teachers and representatives of NGOs as well as British experts from the Commission for Racial Equality participated.

The second project aims to eliminate gender discrimination in various spheres. There has been no previous study by the embassy department in this field, which is regarded currently as a matter of considerable relevance.  Only 7% of women occupy management positions in Russia.  Plans for the project involving experts, representatives of NGOs and educational establishments include discussions on gender philosophy, sexual discrimination, women’s rights, the international women’s movement and also a seminar including British experts and meetings with leading women.

ASI40(652), 5-11 October


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