Call to halt proceedings against Moscow hospice

Moscow Prosecutor’s Office demands halt to administrative proceedings against children’s hospice

11 December 2020

The Moscow Prosecutor’s Office has contested the Zyuzinskiy District Court’s ruling against the children’s hospice The Lighthouse. The office demands that the decision be overturned and the case be closed on the grounds that no offence was committed.

As reported on the website of the Prosecutor-General of the Russian Federation, an inspection showed that a violation occurred during a review of administrative proceedings.

The Zyuzinskiy Inter-District Prosecutor of Moscow lodged an appeal against the ruling of the district court with a demand to overturn the judicial act and halt administrative proceedings against the childrens hospice on the grounds that no offence was committed, declared the office.

A review of the appeal is scheduled for 14 December 2020. The Lighthouse fined 200,000 rubles, in more detail

The previous day, Moscow’s Zyuzinskiy regional court fined The Lighthouse 200,000 rubles for violating regulations governing narcotics and psychotropic substances. During a surprise inspection on 27 October police found flaws in the hospice’s record-keeping. Staff at the hospice admitted guilt and asked to be issue with a caution, but this request was denied.

On 8 December, Vladimir Putin signed a bill reducing the severity of punishment for CSOs. For example, a court may issue a caution instead of a fine if it is a first-time offence and if the violation has not endangered a person’s life or health, the environment, state security, or a person’s property.


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