Campaign on responsible parenthood

A widespread advertising campaign on “Responsible Parenthood” has begun in Russia


Moscow, 09.01.14

A support fund for children living in tough every-day circumstances has launched an extensive advertisement campaign with the slogan “Becoming a parent”. These adverts came about in 2013 and were aimed at promoting family values, children’s welfare, responsible parenting, and creating a caring family environment for orphaned children.

New advertising products will be broadcast over the airwaves as well as on the internet. These social adverts will reflect the health of a family of children where “one is smaller than the other” and warn that any harsh treatment meted out to a child will inevitably “backfire” at some point in the future. Indeed, children grow up and become a lot like us. The adverts will ask adults to think about becoming foster parents and so bring a little happiness from an orphanage into a family. By so doing, they can attain super-hero status with these children. There’s enough parental love out there for this to happen.

Check out the new video and audio adverts via the main page of the website: under the heading “Important information” and on the portal under the “Media” heading.

Author: Yulia Vyatkin


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