Charity launches website for mental health sufferers

New initiative launched to help people suffering from mental illness


The Just People Foundation has created a website that contains a wide range of material on mental illness.

The charity has said that the “mental health advice” website will post regular information on “all aspects of mental illness written in plain rather than scientific language”.

The site will provide information about mental illness and its symptoms, as well as explaining how the brain and an individual’s psyche function. It also includes a guide to the Russian State and private psychiatric care systems and will enable people to sign up for a free and anonymous consultation. The charity also offers help in finding the right support group and relevant hotline contact numbers for those in need.

The site will also include stories about and advice from mental illness sufferers who have managed to get their lives back on track.

Staff from the Foundation provide support to people with mental disorders by visiting them in pyscho-neurological residential facilities, talking to them, engaging in creative work together and providing legal support to help them exercise their legitimate rights.


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