Civic Chamber monitors pensioners’ living conditions

The Civic Chamber organises social and economic monitoring of pensioners’ living conditions

Moscow 12/07/2016

The Civic Chamber has noticed an increase in the number of complaints originating from senior citizens.

By the end of the summer in 2016, the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation) will implement Russia-wide social and economic monitoring of the living conditions for pensioners. As part of the study, the Civic Chamber will verify the orders of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin regarding improvements for the quality of life of senior citizens and act on the appropriate recommendations and proposals. The monitoring will be carried out together with regional non-commercial civil organisations, expert organisations and civil activists.

“As a result of the presidium of the State Council of the Russian Federation ‘On the development of a system of protection for older citizens’ from the 5 August 2014, the President has given a number of instructions to improve the quality of life of senior citizens. However, the number of complaints reaching the Civic Chamber from citizens of the indicated category are not only not decreasing but continue to grow,” said Vladimir Slepak member of the Civic Chamber of the RF.

In 2014, the President instructed the Government to develop and adopt a strategy of action according to the interests of the elderly. The strategy was approved in February 2016. Its key goal was to steadily increase the duration, level and quality of life for senior citizens, encouraging their active longevity.

In Autumn 2016, a Russia-wide inspection of children’s homes was also initiated by the Civic Chamber of the RF. Within the Russia-wide inspection of the institutions, experts checked whether the government regulations from 2014, regulating the reform of children’s homes had been fulfilled. The expert group involved representatives from civil organisations, psychologists, medical workers and volunteers.

Author: Grigory Ivanushkin

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