Civic Chamber to spread best practice around regions

The Civic Chamber spreads the best civil practices throughout the regions

Moscow 25 December 2015

Specialists from the project «Perspective» will help civil activists find partners in regions and will assist with the implementation of social projects in new territories.

According to Izvestiy», in 2016 one of the main directions of the work of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation for supporting the non-commercial sector will be spreading the best civil practice across regions of the country. Experts from the Civic Chamber will select the best projects form a number of civil practices in the framework of the «Perspective» project in 2015. According to the head of the project, Alexander Svinin, specialists will help activists to create franchises out of their project. Above all, specialists will render assistance to activists in search for partners in new territories and help with the process of implementing the project.

Svinin told the publication that the Civic Chamber already have the first candidates for the transformation of their project into a “social franchise”. Some of these projects have already been implemented in various regions, he highlighted, but their implementation is only possible with the personal involvement of their authors.The transformation of projects into a “social franchise” will help to expand the geography of their implementation, without loss of quality, Svinin said. The Civic Chamber, according to him, intends to provide such projects a system of support.

Earlier, the Civic Chamber stated that it intends to engage in the education of the third sector. Civil society activists and NGOs will be trained four times a year at a special corporate university. The Civic Chamber, in particular, is preparing to engage in the training of NGOs on managing internet communications.

Author: Grigory Ivanuskin


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