Competition for NGO annual reports

The ‘Tochka
7th All-Russia Annual Reports’ Competition for non-profit
organisations has begun.

The opening date for applications from non-profit
organisations to the ‘Tochka
Otschyota’ annual public reports competition is 25 April.  This is the competition’s 7th year.  The competition organiser is the Civic
Chamber of the Russian Federation’s Charity and Volunteering Commission, in
partnership with the Russian Ministry for Economic Development and the Russian
Ministry of Justice. Also involved in the organisation of the competition are
the Donors’ Forum, the NGO Development Centre (St Petersburg) and the Agency
for Social Information.


‘Tochka Otschyota’ is a project aimed at increasing transparency and openness as
regards the preparation and distribution of public annual reports within the
Russian non-profit sector.  The
competition is open to Russian, foreign and international non-profit
organisations which work or are registered in the territory of the Russian
Federation. Applicants must have been working in the country for no less than a
year and make their reports easily accessible on the internet and through their
own websites.   


This year, the competition is not accepting reports
from business associations, self-regulated non-profit organisations and endowment
funds.  The structure of nominations has
changed and they are now divided into three categories: nominations according
to the organisation’s budget, according to subject (such as support of
vulnerable groups, child protection and healthcare etc.) and a ‘special’
category (for example, best presentation of monitoring, best presentation of
information regarding the organisation’s sources of finance and of information
about working with volunteers).   


Two webinars entitled ‘How to Prepare Annual Reports’ are
being offered for participants in the competition during which participants can
put questions to experts regarding the preparation of public reports. In
addition, a compendium called ‘Best Practice in Annual Public Reporting for
Non-Profit Organisations 2012’ is to be published.  This year, the composition of the jury has
also changed and each application will be reviewed by no fewer than three jury
members.  Pages on the social networking
sites Facebook ( and Twitter have also been set up to draw maximum attention to the
competition. Those wishing to enter the competition must fill in an application
on the Portal NKO Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation site (  Reports are being accepted up until
31 August.


Each organisation participating in the competition
will receive a certificate stating that its annual report complies with the
reporting standards of a wide range of stakeholders.  The award will be made on 1 November 2013.



[1] ‘Reference Point’

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