Competition for Russian CSOs working to protect children

Applications open for competition for CSOs working to protect children

11 June 2021

The ‘Bank of Proven Practices’ competition is organised by the Timchenko Foundation.

Applications for the ‘Bank of Proven Practices’ competition are open from 10 June.

The competition is intended for Russian CSOs working with children, as well as for state and municipal organisations. The aim is to collect and reinforce proven social practices which help to resolve problems of preventing and overcoming the effects of social orphanhood, family arrangements for orphans and children without parental care, and other areas of child protection.

Priority areas for the 2021 competition:

  • Preventing social orphanhood through working with ‘biological’ families;
  • Preparing and assisting foster families, preventing repeat orphanhood (removal or rejection of children from foster families);
  • Preparing children who have grown up as orphans or without parental care for new family arrangements;
  • Post-institution accompaniment and preparing children of up to 23 years of age for an independent life — leavers of children’s homes and children without parental care, as well as children no longer under the guardianship of foster families;
  • Other effective practices to prevent social orphanhood and family arrangements for orphans and children without parental care.

Competition winners will receive individual methodical support to help describe their practices in accordance with the Evidentiary Standards of Child Protection Practices. They may also take part in learning and discussion seminars with access to a method database and the experience of other CSOs, as well as receive a grant of no more than 30,000 roubles.

Applications can be submitted here. More information about the competition can be found here.

Partnering the competition is the National Foundation for Preventing Child Abuse and its project ‘Supporting the introduction of best practices for preventing social orphanhood’, implemented with support from the Presidential Grants Fund.


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