Competition for youth camp programmes

NGOs invited to take part in a competition for programmes to be introduced in special youth camps



The Federal Youth Agency and International Children’s Centre are holding a competition aimed at identifying, selecting and distributing effective models for special camps across Russia. Submission of programmes as part of this nationwide contest to be introduced in special camps for youngsters aged 14-18 will be accepted up until 1 June.

The competition organisers will accept programmes in the following priority areas: development of youth robotics; development of and support for youth IT projects; support for youth entrepreneurship; development of student self-discipline; support for young people’s ideas for reforming the Housing and Community Amenities’ system; improving living space; support for young architects and journalists, support for young people in difficult living conditions and socially dangerous situations (submissions only for “Best practice involved in organising special camps for 14-18 year-olds during 2012-13 and “Perspektiva”).

Winning submissions will come from “Best programmes for special camps to be undertaken during 2014 for 14 – 18 year-olds” (programmes to be considered for talented and enterprising youngsters). The winners will be given an opportunity of implementing their programme in nationwide special camps with the support of the Federal Youth Agency. “Best practice involved in organising special camps for 14 – 18 year-olds for 2012-13” (consideration will be given to programmes implemented by a competition entrant in any part of Russia for no less than two years); “Perspektiva” (programmes will be considered from people with no previous project experience).

Private individuals, businessmen and other bodies, regardless of their organisational/legal standing, will be eligible to take part in this competition. Each organisation is restricted to one application per category.

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