Competition to highlight inclusive education in Russia

Application process opens for the 5th All-Russian Competition to find the most inclusive school in Russia


The competition to choose the most inclusive school in Russia has begun.  Its aim is to draw public attention to the importance of bringing children with disabilities into mainstream education.

The competition has two categories – the most inclusive school and the most inclusive nursery – and is held in two phases.  The regional phase runs from 1 August to 30 September.  The second, federal phase will be held both on-site and off-site, from 29 to 30 October 2010, and will end with an official ceremony for the winning schools.

The on-site phase (29-30 October) will be held at the Conference Centre of the Prince Park Hotel, Corpus 1, Dom 1b, Novoyasensk Prospekt, Moscow.  Detailed information about the competition, including the rules, can be found on the website

The competition has been organised by the Russian Ministry of Education and is intended to create an incentive for teaching staff to change attitudes towards disability and promote a more positive image of inclusive education in Russia.  Schools will be shown best practice in attracting and supporting applicants with disabilities and adapting their curriculum to reflect the rights of disabled people to a high-quality education.

Source:  ya-inklyuzivnaya-shkola-rossii-konkurs/

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