Complaints about food in Russian children’s institutions

Commissioner for Children’s Rights receives dozens of complaints about nutrition in children’s institutions



The children’s Ombudswoman has reported receiving complaints on the quality and availability of nutrition in children’s institutions.


Since the start of the academic year, dozens of complaints on the organisation of children’s nutrition have been submitted, TASS cites the Russian President’s Commissioner for the Rights of Children, Anna Kuznetsova, as saying. She highlighted a number of cases where it has been identified that sanitary norms and regulations have been violated. The subjects of the complaints are particularly the Ulyanovsk, Amursk and Rostov regions and the Altai Republic.


Kuznetsova called for discrimination to be outlawed and for the same food to be guaranteed to children, regardless of their status. The Commissioner also declared a differentiated approach to providing benefits as unacceptable. “In some places (benefits are provided) only to families with disabled children, in some places, on the contrary, only to families with multiple children and foster families. This all carries with it a discriminatory character and is unacceptable”, the information agency quotes her as saying.


Previously, under the Commissioner for Children’s Rights, a hot line was opened dealing with the problem of children returning from Syria and Iraq. The hotline will become one of the ways of creating a unified database of children in Syria and Iraq who are being sought by relatives from Russia.





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