Conference on legal support for civil society, 14 September

National conference  ‘Legal support for civil society and
charity: legislation and legal practice


event is being organised by chair of the federal council’s co-ordinating body
for reciprocal working with the institutions of civil society, the public
chamber’s  committee for the development
of charity and volunteering, and the not-for-profit partnership, Lawyers for
Civil Society’ (LCS) together with the International Centre for Not-for-Profit


to be looked at during the conference are:-


may the tax burden borne by the non-commercial sector be lightened and the tax
system made to assist the development of charitable activities?


legal measures would help to support and develop the voluntary sector in


state agencies currently monitor the activities of NGOs and in what way would
that activity be affected by new laws?


are the hindrances to the creation of a safety cushion consisting of restricted
capital sums in order to vouchsafe NGOs a stable existence?




– Registration.


– Plenary session led by Darya Miloslavskaya, member of the Federal Public




of Legislation affecting the Voluntary Sector in Russia and Legal Practice’, to
be delivered by a representative from the department of the Federal Ministry of
Justice dealing with the affairs of NGOs.


Support for Socially Oriented Organisations – Situational Summary, Problems and
Prospects’ , to be delivered by a representative of the Federal Ministry of
Economic Development.


of Appreciation from the President.


– Specialist sessions:


of NGOs – What further amendments are needed?’ – (Moderator – Dmitry Sheiko LCS
Lawyer, Omsk).


work in the context of the development of civil society’ (Moderator – Olga
Sviridenkova, Head of LCS Legal Service.


monitoring of NGOs’ operations’ (Moderator – Elena Isaeva, LCS Lawyer and
Deputy Chair of the Public Chamber for the Yaroslav Region).


capital: growth points’ (Moderator – Natalya Kaminarskaya, Executive Secretary
of the Donors’ Forum).


– 17:00 -Restricted Capital – meeting of the NGO Lawyers Club

of experiences between the winners of the socially-oriented NGOs’ competitions.


information may be found at


Address:  Public Chamber of the Russian Federation,
Building No1, 7 Miusskaya Square. From 15 August to  1 September Information about attendance may be obtained on
application to Irina Emshanova Tel: 00 7 (495) 984-88-01or 00 7 (495) 984-88-02
or by emailing her at







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