Crackdown on corruption in Moldova’s health care system

If you’re a kleptomaniac, get out of the health care system!




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The Moldovan Health Minister Alla Nemerenco has launched a major crackdown on corruption in the health care system after a department head and a narcologist were questioned by staff on suspicion of corruption at the Orhei district hospital.


“I have sent countless anti-corruption messages to health care workers”, Nemerenco wrote on Facebook. “Many turn a blind eye to them and continue with their “dedicated work” in increasing their personal income at the expense of other people’s pain and problems. They are in for a shock”, she says.


The Minister criticised doctors who don’t want to stop their corrupt practices. “Those who were “shaken up” in Orhei today are not giving up their dream of taking up a director’s post any time soon. I would urge them to resign in order to make our work easier”.


“The Ministry’s principal goal remains the same for everyone – zero tolerance in the fight against corruption. We will continue to invest in increasing salaries, allowances and other financial incentives. We will provide modern equipment and improve infrastructure facilities. To some of you, I repeat, stop stealing from the pockets of ordinary people. If you’re a kleptomaniac, get out of the sector. Don’t destroy the image of the many outstanding, wonderful professionals who work selflessly in the health care system”, the Minister added.


Nemerenco also thanked staff at the National Anti-Corruption Centre for their support in the fight against corruption in the health care sector. “And I would like to express my gratitude to my colleagues at the Centre who have worked extremely hard recently, helping to strengthen the capacity of the health care system, one which is based on integrity.


Oksana Andrushchak



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