CSOs awarded 2020 Runet Prizes

CSOs receive the 2020 Runet Prize


On 3 December, the winners of the 2020 Runet Prize were announced which included the Konstantin Khabensky Foundation, the Association of Volunteers Centres and the Volunteers of Victory.

The Runet Prize is an annual award given for achievement in the field of information technology as well as for outstanding contributions to the development of the Russian internet. A total of 1170 applications were submitted in 14 categories which comprised six main areas: State and Society; Culture, Media and Mass Communication; Education and Human Resources; Economics and Business; Health and Recreation and Technology and Innovation. There were also eight special categories.

The Konstantin Khabensky Foundation won the award in the State and Society category, with the Association of Volunteer Centres successful in the special Technology versus Coronavirus category for its #EveryoneTogether initiative. The National Priorities CSO with its stopcoronavirus.rf website and the Dialogue CSO also received recognition.

The All-Russian Social Movement, Volunteers of Victory, received an award in the special 75th Victory Anniversary category for its Garden of Remembrance project.

“This is a place where history is passed down to the generations and where memories of our friends and relatives are preserved. The coronavirus, of course, had a major impact on our efforts so we had to reorganise our work to meet this new reality. But we made it thanks to the many contributors who were involved in the project from over 50 countries worldwide! I would also like to express my gratitude to our partners and sponsors and, of course, to the Volunteers of Victory for the fact that, despite the pandemic, we were able to plant 27 million trees in memory of all those who lost their lives during the Great Patriotic War”, said Olga Amelchenkova, Head of the Volunteer of Victory Movement, when accepting the award.

A full list of winners can be found on: https://premiaruneta.ru/news

Source: : https://www.asi.org.ru/news/2020/12/04/gotovo-stali-izvestny-laureaty-premii-runeta-2020/

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