Disabled and volunteers

event, called They Won’t Catch up with Us,
was arranged on the initiative of the regional rehabilitation centre for people
with disabilities and supported by the regional roller skating federation.
Participants came to the Dizel-Arena sports and entertainment complex where a
celebratory concert was given. Irina Kormakova, head of social work at the
centre said that the people with disabilities came up with the idea of holding
the event themselves. The organisers wanted to show the public that people with
disabilities could maintain an active life-style and be full members of society
in their own right. She observed that it was not fortuitous that the particular
stadium was selected because it was the only venue in the town which had a
swimming pool suitable for people with disabilities. In her opinion the
transport system for such people had improved since low floor trolley buses had
come into service. However, problems with the construction of entrances to
accommodation where wheelchair users lived, remained unresolved.



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