Distribution of “Presidential Billion” to NGOs


Who will Distribute the “Presidential Billion” and
to which NGOs?


The competition for “presidential” grants is based
on the Russian president’s order 216 of 3.05.12 for “providing state
support in 2012 to NGOs contributing to the development of institutions of
civil society”.  The period for
accepting applications has been extended to 7 September according to the
competition organisers at a press conference at IA Interfax.

Several institutions including the Institute of Social Projects,
the League of Health, the Institute of Civil Society Issues, “Soprotivlenie”,
the National Charitable Foundation (Natsfond) and State Club will distribute
the resources for the competition with Natsfond as the
major distributor.  The priorities of
the competition include conducting sociological studies and monitoring the
state of civil society, protecting the health of the population and the
environment, upholding human rights, youth projects, etc.


The volume of resources allocated from the budgets at all
levels to the voluntary sector has increased every year.  This shows that the state regards the
activity of NGOs as “important, significant and filling any gaps in state
policy”, according to Maria Slobodskaya, president of the Institute of Civil
Society Issues.  Information on the
members of the competition committee can be found on the websites of the above
organisations.  Lists of experts
assessing the applications have not been included on the websites.


Maria Slobodskaya, Ilmira Malikova of
“Soprotivlenie” and Vladimir Nosov of  Natsfond agree that no lists of experts should be published
during the competitions because of possible pressure being exerted on them. Publication
of such liusrts after the competition is, according to Ilmara Malikova, is a
matter for debate.


Maria Slobodskaya has promised that the Institute of Civil
Society Issues will start to conduct a detailed analysis of the degree of
success of the grant projects, in order to find out what improvements these
organisations and these resources make to life in Russia.  Information will also be published on
organisations not fulfilling their obligations when conducting the financed




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