Does Russia need a national «nephrology» project?

An official meeting of interested parties took place in the Central House of Journalists.  It was held on the initiative of Russia’s Scientific Organisation of Nephrologists and “Nefro-liga” — the public organisation for people with kidney disease. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the results of International Kidney Day.

In the opinion of the medics who took part in the meeting, kidney disease is not given enough attention in our country. Natalija Kozlovskaja, Professor of the Nephrology and Hemodialysis Department in the I.M Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy said that there is no precise data of the number of people with kidney disease in Russia. There is no information about how many nephrologists are needed.

At the same time, according to information provided by Professor Evgenij Shilov, the head of the MMA’s  Nephrology and Hemodialysis Department, a kidney transplant operation and dialysis (renal replacement therapy) is needed by 600 people in every million. According to statistics for 2007, only around 140 people a year have renal replacement therapy.

ASI Bulletin No 10/2010 


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