Donors Forum focuses on management of charities

The management of charities is the theme for the 2016 Donors Forum

Moscow 17/03/2016

In 2016, the Donors Forum will devote their activities to the theme of ‘The management of charities: traditions, challenges, innovations’ including an annual conference and study, which will form the basis of a report on the status and development of charities in Russia. Will there be new forms of management and how will the economic situation influence these? Is it necessary for charities to be managed? These, as well as other issues, will be discussed, analysed and highlighted by the Donors Forum in 2016.

In the last ten years, institutional philanthropy in Russia has undergone great changes. With the changes comes a more systematic approach. Many foundations are no longer limited to the distribution of funds and they help their grantees and partners to develop organisational potential and become stronger. In addition, the Donors Forum noted that systematic changes have been made to the management of philanthropy too, which in its relatively short history has gone from being a spontaneous sphere to becoming a leader of the third sector of the economy.

“This is, of course, a broad topic, which will allow us to consider various aspects of management, including the management of organisations, knowledge, reputation, relationships with grantees,” commented Olga Barnashova, Executive Secretary of the Donors Forum, on the choice of theme. “We are going to talk about the characteristics of the strategic and practical management of charitable activities, the specifics of the work of various management authorities, the role of and tasks for managers and leaders of charitable organisations and much more. Our goal is to not only fix existing practice, needs and challenges but to also to expand horizons of representation and to contribute to the increase in effectiveness of the management of charitable organisations.”

This year’s theme will be covered in many of the Donors Forum’s activities and be the focus of attention for the annual conference, which will take place on 20 October. The study, which will form the basis for a report on the status and development of foundations in 2016, will also be devoted to the analysis of management practices of foundations of various types. Furthermore, during the year members and partners of the Donors Forum will await a series of special events, which will focus on different aspects of the management of charitable organisations. The Donors Forum invites everyone to actively participate in the planning of the events linked to this year’s theme.

The Chairman of the Donors Forum Council and General Director of the V. Potanina Foundation, Oksana Oracheva, mentioned that the theme is particularly relevant for charitable organisations. How to combine a good cause with the modern demands of efficiency and professionalism required from any institution? Which management solutions are the most relevant in times of crisis when both the economic and social situations are completely changing? How to ensure that there are more amazing events in philanthropy?

Oksana Oracheva said, “Targeted searches for answers to these questions, the exchange of experiences and best practices during the year lead us to a new level of understanding of the principles of managing a charity.”

Alexander Arkhipov, member of the Donors Forum and Director of corporative charities and internal communications at JTI Rossiya is sure that the theme will be interesting, not only for professional sector but also for the top management of companies engaged in charitable activities and the authorities, regulating these activities.

Author: Yulia Viatkina

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