Duma proposal for lease of land for hospices

State Duma deputies propose to give NGOs the right to free land leases for hospices


Parliamentarians Airat Farrakhov and Ildar Gilmutdinov (United Russia) intend to submit the draft law to the Duma regarding the provision of land for non-commercial organisations offering palliative care.

“The main concept behind the bill is to provide free, long-term leases of land for those NGOs and foundations that would like to provide palliative care,” RIA Novosti cites Airat Farrakhov as saying. He emphasised, that there should be significantly more organisations specialising in such care. Farrakhov called for the state and non-commercial organisations to unite in their efforts. Â

It is impossible to meet the demand for palliative care with the hospices we already have alone, the director of the Centre for Palliative Medicine of the Moscow Health Department and founder of the Fund for the Assistance of Hospices “Vera”, Niuta Federmesser, told Izvestia. She highlighted the fact that with the demographic situation and medical progress, this need will only grow. “The budgetary strain will only get bigger. Not one country, even the most developed, will be able to avoid enlisting non-commercial organisations and private investments to create hospices. And we in Russia need to think about how to make this sphere of medicine more appealing for NGOs,” the publication quotes Federmesser as saying.

In her opinion, in the draft law proposed by the deputies, it has to be pointed out, that only those organisations who are going to provide free services to citizens and use funds from state regulatory or compulsory health insurance should have the right to the donation of land.

Source: https://www.asi.org.ru/news/2017/07/20/lgoty-dlya-hospisov/


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