Effect of emergencies in last 3 years on Russian donor community and CSOs

How emergencies have affected the donor community and CSOs over the last three years




The Donors Forum and researchers from the National Agency for Financial Studies have been interviewing experts from donor and stakeholder organisations. One of the main findings from their study was that the turbulent environment during the past three years had acted as motivation for the donor community and the sector as a whole to develop levels of professionalism within their teams.


In terms of programme and project activity, donor organisations have remained focused on maintaining long-term projects as set out in their plans for the year despite challenging circumstances. There have been no sudden changes to topic themes – this year’s plans are being implemented with just a few modifications and no emergency revisions to budgets are envisaged. At the same time, non-profit bodies are preparing for cuts in donor budgets in certain areas, as well as facing tougher competition for resources. CSOs are also aware of the growing importance of transparency and data-driven communication with donors.


Against the background of shrinking resources, donor organisations and CSOs working with them are increasingly focused on monitoring and evaluating the success of their work. Experts have noticed that it is becoming more and more important for partnerships to demonstrate tangible results. Existing mechanisms for assessing outcomes are being refined, as well as the development of analytical teams whose work will be key in making important management decisions.


Details of the study’s main findings, together with a video presentation of the results, can be found on the Donors Forum website.



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