End of first stage of “Point of Reference” report competition.

Of 139 entries, 129 will
go through to the second round.  Their
authors will receive certificates of adherence to the
information standard
, signed by representatives of the jury from the
Public Chamber Commission on Charity and Volunteerism, the Ministry of Justice
and the Ministry of Economic Development. 
In addition, 17 non-profit organisations which have entered the
competition five or more times will receive special regular participants’
certificates.  In 2012, each report will
be evaluated by three experts: representatives of an NGO, a donors’ association, and the media.  The concluding meeting of the jury is
planned for 16 November.  There is more
information on the jury’s methods of evaluation on the competition pages at
http://portal-nko.ru and


http://www.crno.ru, in the sections on
methodological support.


The competition aims to
introduce standards of transparency and accountability into charitable
activities, and to draw public, government, and media attention to the work of
non-profit organisations.  It is run by
the Public Chamber Commission on Charity and Volunteerism in partnership with
the Centre for Development of Non-Profit Organisations, the Donors’ Forum, and
the Agency for Social Information, with the support of the Ministry of Justice,
the Ministry of Economic Development, and the company “Evolution and


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