Experts to monitor orphanages

The Public Chamber establishes expert groups to monitor the work of orphanages




Experts are to examine the implementation of Government regulations relating to the reform of orphanages as part of an All-Russian audit of institutions. Specialist groups comprising representatives from NGOs, psychologists, medical staff and volunteers will be involved in this nationwide review, says the Federation’s Public Chamber.


The review process, which was proposed by the Russian Government back in 2014, is due to start in the autumn. The Ministry of Education and Science will begin briefing expert groups at regional Public Chamber level during July and August.


Yulia Zimova, a member of the Public Chamber, believes that institution heads should use the work of the expert groups as an opportunity to look for partners who can address regional issues and make decisions that will contribute to the implementation of these Government regulations. The Ministry referred to a recent study on the application of orphanage reforms that stated that more than 80% of the current 1,600 institutions conform to Government standards. Inspections of orphanages should be completed by the end of the year, with the results to be submitted to Olga Golodets, the Federation’s Deputy Prime Minister.


Author: Georgy Ivanushkin

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