Grant application training for Russian NGOs

NGO staff receive grant application training from the Public Chamber’s University


NGO staff who attend training run by the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation are taught how to start a project from scratch, how to develop skills in teamwork and how to manage projects and people.

17 welfare projects will be studied as part of the training programme.  Three business trainers and four motivational speakers will provide 36 hours of training.

Participants will be able to improve their skills in managing welfare projects and putting together project proposals.  These skills are very important for the bidding organisations.  Participants will also have the opportunity to learn about the kind of information they need for their proposals from representatives of the media, on a federal and regional level, and will be able to gain publicity for their organisations and the projects they are preparing to deliver.

Around 110 people are expected to attend the training sessions (80 of whom are employed by NGOs). The programme is divided into modules with teams carrying out research projects and processing the information they obtain with their groups. Representatives from government, business and the media will be attached to the groups at the training programme and will help them to broaden their resources and form new partnerships.

In the first module participants learn about welfare project planning and skills management.  The second module focuses on people management and techniques for presenting projects.  The third module is a presentation about projects the participants have themselves implemented.

Training will be held on the following dates: the first module on 17-18 November, the second on 18-19 December.

Anyone wishing to join the training programme should consult the Russian Public Chamber website to find out about the course requirements and complete an application form.



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