Guide to accessing support services for HIV patients in Russia

Publication of recommendations on access to funding for non-profit organisations working on HIV prevention


The GRANI Centre has produced a guide to ease access to prophylactic, medical and support services for HIV patients and vulnerable groups in Russia.

The guide’s recommendations cover the most topical questions surrounding access to funding. These include, for example, the inclusion of providers of socially beneficial services in the register of socially oriented NGOs.

In addition, the recommendations indicate how to provide social services within the framework of Federal Law No. 442-FZ, ˜On the foundations of social services for citizens in the Russian Federation”; how contests for subsidies and grants towards the provision of services are organised; and what is expected from such organisations if they are to qualify. The authors also list the documents required for inclusion in the register of providers of social services, based on instances in different regions.

A complete version of the recommendations is available on the GRANI website.

The programme to give vulnerable groups extended access to prophylactic, medical and support services for HIV, aims to shape and strengthen the legal, methodological and financial base of preventative and medical treatment, as well as the care and support of HIV/AIDS patients. It is being carried out in 24 regions of the Russian Federation by the Open Institute for the Health of the Population foundation, along with more than 40 socially oriented NGOs.



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