HIV and injected drugs

Up to 59% of cases of infection by HIV are
associated with injecting drugs


committee of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation that deals with
social issues is waiting for a reply from the Ministry of Health and Social
Development to its submission concerning the prevention and treatment of
HIV/AIDS. The submission was first made in August and repeated on 21 December.
The chamber has received a reply to neither.


submission deals with the need to take stronger preventive measures against the
spread of HIV amongst those using drugs. Boris Altshuler, a member of the
chamber, says that up to 59% of the cases of infection are connected with
injecting drugs. He has suggested that the spread of HIV in this way could be
diminished by setting up a syringe exchange facility for drug addicts. However,
the ministry and state drugs control agency have expressed opposition to this


Altshuler also expressed disquiet over the departure of the Global Fund for
Combating AIDS which had been supporting the activities of appropriate communal
organisations. The ministry had promised to support these and had already held
a competition relating to preventive work. However, NGO representatives said
that this had been of a formal character only. Detailed information about the
chamber’s submission may be found at:

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