How to support Russian CSOs under sanctions

How to continue to support CSOs in the light of recent sanctions

What can you do if you make regular donations using services that are no longer operational in Russia?  How can you donate from abroad? What can you do to support CSOs apart from making a donation?  The answers to these and other questions.



A full text with detailed guidance is available on the Nuzhna Pomosh (Help Needed)  Foundation’s website.

This guidance has been issued jointly by Nuzhna Pomosh and the* ( Platform who stress that all the foundations they work with have been verified as genuine and that transactions to them are safe.

The guidance states, “ You can choose any platform and support a project or CSO with either a one-time or regular donation” .

In March the Nuzhna Pomosh Foundation reported a reduction in the number of regular payments due to the switching off of Apple Pay and Google Pay and  the exit of PayPal and foreign fundraising and crowd-funding platforms from Russia.


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