Improving role of Public Chamber in monitoring national projects

Limitations in the implementation of national projects and the level of public control

The Public Chamber has noted limitations in the implementation of nation-wide projects and the level of public control over them.


Russian President Vladmir Putin has agreed with the Public Chamber’s proposals concerning the implementation of projects on a national level. The proposals have been put into operation.

What are the suggestions?

“As members of the Public Chamber we have systematically tried to establish public control of national projects, to ensure they are carried out with the involvement of all stakeholders, and with all people and institutions who are substantively versed in the particular issue in question. As of today, we have reviewed all nation-wide projects,” said Alexander Galushka, Deputy Secretary of the ASI (Agency for Strategic Initiatives).

According to the President, national projects should benefit people in everyday life, not just on paper. They should therefore be assessed based on public opinion. The Public Chamber has been tasked with the creation of such an assessment. The Coordination Council for National Projects and National Saving, created on behalf of the President, presented their suggestions and comments regarding the national projects (the text is at the disposal of the ASI).

Which national projects were taken into consideration by the Public Council?

According to the coordinating council, not all national projects take into account the most important priority: the protection and development of the Russian people.

“For our part, we have developed an index of National Protection, which acts as the core from which we can review all national projects. Take, for example, the project for Safe and Durable Roads. How does this relate to and reflect the highest national priority?” added Galushka.

The Public Chamber noted that the current activities of national projects have very little aligning them with the achievement of national goals. The lack of coordinated management was also noted.

The Public Chamber has proposed the introduction of an analysis and assessment report of the impact of spending on the achievement of targets for national projects.

“[In regards to the implementation of national projects] the expenditure of budgetary funds is the most important consideration. Even during our meetings, one is more likely to hear officials reporting on expenses and cash capacity rather than about the positive changes that these projects can bring to people’s lives,” Galushka said.

Public control

The Chamber also noted the fragmentation in terms of the practical implementation of national projects as well as the general lack of available information about them.

“The insufficient disclosure of information relating to the implementation of national projects is of concern for us,” said Galushka.

The Chamber believes this is one of the main factors which make it difficult to properly carry out public monitoring of the national projects. In addition, the participation of the Public Chamber in the national projects themselves is not officially fixed in any way.  


Translated by Holly Battye

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