Improving skills of NGO staff and civil servants

Ministry of Economic Development launches programme to improve skill set of NGO
staff and civil servants

The Russian Academy of National Economy and Civil Services
(RAHKhGS) has organised training courses on the request of the President of the
Russian Federation. In addition to face-to-face learning, a distance learning
programme has also been provided for those interested. However only those who
have completed the face-to-face course will receive a Certificate of Skill
Development, explained Ilya Chukalina, correspondent for the Agency of Social
Information and Deputy Director of the Department for Strategic Management
(Programmes) and Budgeting at the Ministry for Economic Development of the
Russian Federation.

Executive bodies from across the Russian Federation who are
authorised to work with socially-oriented NGOs, working in cooperation with
regional public chambers and other structures of civil society have conducted
the selection of candidates to participate in the programme. NGOs who receive
the Ministry for Economic Development grant from the federal budget in 2011/12
were also able to recommend candidates.

The programme covers the following topics: civil society and
third sector in modernising Russia; regional public policy: supporting and
developing the institution of civil society; inter-sector social partnership
(definitions, mechanisms and good practice); the legal framework for NGO
activity; non-profit marketing, external communications and PR tools for NGOs;
working in alliance and promoting common interests; organising and working with
volunteers; NGO management; approaches and resources for NGO project
management; monitoring and evaluating NGO activity; fundraising and mobilising
local community resources; forms of public participation in decision-making and
Civic Watch; the practice of working with NGOs, focusing on the activities of
target groups in different areas.

Training has been provided for 6,400 NGO workers and 1,500
state and municipal employees for 2012. The training is free, except for travel
expenses. Classes will be held from 27th August to 6th October across the 47
branches of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Civil Services and 13
partner universities.

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