Kazakh Parliament adopts law on domestic violence

The Kazakhstan Parliament has adopted a law on domestic violence




Article published on the Zakon.kz website


On 11 April, Senate deputies approved amendments to the law to protect women’s rights and the safety of children, reports Zakon.kz.


The legislation seeks to improve the legal, economic, institutional and organisational framework for State policy on the protection of women’s rights and the safety of children.


Among the law’s main objectives are:


  • The criminalisation of battery and inflicting intentional moderate harm to health by transferring responsibility from the Administrative Offences to the Kazakhstan Criminal Code;


  • Increasing liability by removing restriction of freedom under Article 106 “Intentional causing of serious harm to health” and Article 107 “Intentional causing of moderate harm to health” of the Criminal Code;


  • The possibility of conciliation of the parties for crimes related to physical violence and cruelty to minors is excluded;


  • Life imprisonment for the murder and rape of a minor, as well as violent sexual acts committed against minors by means of excluding other alternative punishment stipulated under the Criminal Code;


  • The criminalisation of sexual harassment of persons under 16 years of age by introducing a new Article 121-1 under the Criminal Code.


Other amendments include: broadening the scope of marital and family legislation to include new elements such as strengthening and promoting traditional family values, extending the powers of local representative and executive bodies to enhance the institution of marriage and the family, socio-economic support and the identification and organisation of wide-ranging help for persons (families) in difficult life situations.


Overall, the law provides for amendments and additions to 15 legislative acts, including seven codes and eight laws.


Expected results from the legislation are:


Reinforcing the protection of women’s rights and the safety of children, enhancing the protection of children from sexual violence, reducing cases of suicide and sexual harassment, improving the conditions of families in difficult life situations, raising the quality of specialist social services and strengthening the institution of marriage and the family.


A large group of people worked on the bill which consisted of experts, The National Women’s Rights Commission, Children’s Rights Commissioners, State bodies and lawyers. In February, the text was approved by Majilis deputies.


Source: https://www.zakon.kz/amp/pravo/6430468-parlament-kazakhstana-prinyal-zakon-o-semeynobytovom-nasilii.html


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