Launch of digital support project for CSOs

Launch of a digital support project for non-profit organisations “Hello CSOs”




A team of IT specialists will create websites for CSOs taking part in the programme free of charge.


The autonomous non-profit organisation “National Centre for Digital Technologies” has launched a “Hello CSO” charity project that will develop fifty websites for CSOs free of charge. CSOs that work with people in difficult life situations will be able to receive digital support.


In addition to creating websites, the IT development team can edit existing web pages, devise banners and provide other digital services that CSOs have to operate.


“The websites offer huge potential for organisational development and will help CSOs in engaging with the media”, say those behind the project.


In order to apply, CSOs must meet certain criteria:


  • The work of CSOs must comply with the Federation’s law on CSOs. Confirmation of SONGO status is not necessary;


  • A CSO must have a specialist in IT who can ensure that news on the new website is kept up to date;


  • The CSO must not have outstanding tax debts, charges or official payments to Russian federal budgets;


  • The CSO must not be in the process of liquidation or declaring bankruptcy.


Once a CSO has been selected, technical specifications will need to be agreed. IT volunteers will then be involved in the development of the website.


Further information on the project, together with an application form, can be found on: https://xn--b1aghkohbiv.xn--p1ai/




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