Moldova: comprehensive programme for development of rehabilitation services

Moldova to benefit from comprehensive programme on development of rehabilitation services for adults, children

5 June 2024, Chișinău (Moldovan Government website) – The quality and accessibility of the rehabilitation services for adults and children will be improved and the capacity of management of the non-transmissible diseases nationally will be strengthened. In this respect, the cabinet of ministers approved the signing of an agreement on a loan between Moldova and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) on the project for Modernization and Improvement of Rehabilitation Services.

The project will consolidate the capacities of response in case of medical emergencies with high risk to the life and health of patients, with emphasis on cerebral vascular accidents and heart attacks. To this end, the departments of the public medical and sanitary institutions will be modernized and endowed with the medical devices needed.

Within the project, decision-makers will finance: programmes on the prevention and management of non-transmissible diseases for Moldova’s residents and refugees; on training of health sector employees; on the extension of the existing programme in telemedicine, as well as of digital solutions in terms of health and medical assistance.

The period of the project’s implementation comprises the year 2024-2029 and the overall value is of 36.2 million euros.

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