More Russians make charitable donations

Significant increase in the number of Russians making charitable donations over the last year

Moscow, 15.09.2015

CAF Russia has conducted its second study on mass donations in Russia, enabling the dynamics of private donations from the public to non-profit organisations to be traced. Charitable involvement in 2015 grew in comparison to 2014, with 50% of the population (44.5 million people) making a financial donation to an NGO during the last 12 months.

The study was carried out by CAF Russia in conjunction with the company Synovate Comcon. It surveyed the adult urban population of 15 Russian cities with a population of over 500,000 people, excluding the Far East region. The first study was conducted in 2014.

The study’s main finding was that Russian charitable involvement grew in comparison to 2014. 50% of the population made financial donations to charitable organisations, up on 40% in 2014, and the proportion donating directly to specific individuals and families also grew. This equates to 44.5 million people, compared to 33 million in 2014.

In comparison with the previous year, the number of people undertaking voluntary work or donating goods to charitable organisations remains unchanged. The number of people helping specific individuals in need increased by 5.7%. Concurrently the percentage not participating in any kind of charitable activity decreased by 7.3%, according to the results of the survey.

The average amount donated in 2015 is significantly less than was noted in the last report, at 3300 roubles, down from 5000 roubles in the previous year. This resulted in a 14 billion rouble reduction in the funds received by NGOs from the public this year to 146 billion roubles.

“Despite the reduction in the overall amount donated to NGOs, we should be pleased at the increased activity of the population in the charity sector. This suggests that a change for the better in the economic situation will lead to a significant increase in the public’s contribution to the work of NGOs”, says the Director of CAF Russia, Maria Chertok.

The majority of respondents (58%) donated less than 2500 roubles in the last year. Of these, 27% donated 1000-2500 roubles; 15% donated 500-1000 roubles; and 13% gave 150-500 roubles. Around a third of Russians supported religious organisations (35% of the population), while 25.6% supported secular organisations. There are more women than men amongst donors (60% and 40% respectively).

The study can be downloaded here.

Author: Yulia Vyatkina

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