More than 9000 applications for Presidential Grants

More than 9000 applications submitted for the Presidential Grants Fund


The Presidential Grants Fund has completed its round of applications for the first competition of 2018. According to the provisional count, 9175 projects have stated their interest in taking part in the competition, but a final list of participants put to an independent examination will be put together by 3 April.

6623 projects were entered into the first competition of 2017. This was a record number since 2006, the official Facebook page of the Presidential Grants Fund reported.

The region with the highest number of applications, other than Moscow and St Petersburg, was the Volgograd oblast, where 404 projects have applied to the Fund. In second place is Tatarstan with 359 projects, and in third place – Bashkortostan (310 projects).

The Fund noted that the majority of projects (4136) sent off their applications on the last day, 26 March. At the same time, 3392 non-commercial organisations put in applications for the first time. Out of them, 2759 NGOs are taking part in the competition to receive presidential financing for the first time ever.

The most popular grant category was “Citizens’ healthcare and promoting a healthy way of life”, in which 16% of projects were submitted. 13% of applications were put in for “Supporting projects in the spheres of science, training and education”, another 12.5% for “Social services, social support and citizens’ support”. 71 projects were presented in the new category “Discovery and support of young talents in culture and art”. 200 long-term projects were submitted, aiming for a maximum of three years of funding.

According to the competition’s rules, each submitted application will be verified and registered in the Fund within five working days. The final list of participants put to an independent examination will be put together by 3 April. The results of the competition will be announced by 1 June.



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