Moscow conference on working with lonely elderly and disabled people

Registration now open for the Not Alone!: Working with lonely elderly and disabled people conference




A conference organised by the Dr Liza Fair Help Foundation with support from the Happy People Centre for Social Projects, the involvement of regional CSOs and members of the #VsegdaChelovek community is to be held in Moscow on 19-20 September.


Participants will discuss ways to help lonely elderly and disabled people and debate important questions such as how to provide psychological support to a person who has retired; the difficulties involved in receiving free disability medication; what can be done to ensure a person feels valued again; how to create an accessible and safe environment and whether there is scope for positive change in how nursing homes operate.


How to take part


Attendance will be in person or online. Those wishing to take part can register on Timepad.


Those wishing to speak at the conference should send information about themselves and their project, i.e.:


  • Telephone number, e-mail or contact details of a proxy acting on behalf of a speaker;


  • The speaker’s business card: full name, position held, a short description of their work in the sector, portrait photo (with the long edge set to no less than 1,500 pixels and suitable for printing according to the file size);


  • The title and theme of the presentation, together with a short abstract;


  • A short description of the project and a link to the project website.


On the second day of the conference, participants will visit organisations that provide help to lonely elderly people and those with disabilities. The tours will be by appointment.


The event will take place at Veshnyakovsky Proezd 4, Building No.1, Moscow.


Up-to-date information on the conference, the programme, names of speakers and topics of the presentations will be shared on the Telegram community channel #VsegdaChelovek.





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